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4 x 8 Shopbot PRT with Gecko drive controller running Mach 3

3:6:1 Steppers with second set of 7:2:1 steppers

220v single phase input Colombo 3hp spindle with Delta VFD, EMI filter, Input and Output filters

Fitted with plunger homing/limit switches, Tool zero plate and shuttle hand controller

2 collet nuts, wrenches and collets (1/4, 3/8, 1/2)

Includes computer and keyboard, Mach3 installed with custom screen set and macros

$8200 Call (316) 652-7375 with inquiries or email sales@beckwithdecor com

12-16   7/8”  DE V Flute HSS

1” LOC 1/2” shank



38-60  3/8” CT RB


 9/16” DE CT

1/4 “shank

39-01  1”DE CT Dish

1/2” shank