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Beckwith Decor Products specializes in products and services for the CNC router industry


We offer Custom Design and Cutting in 2d & 3d, including architectural products, prototyping  for manufacture, designer engraving and 3d relief’s with special emphasis on wood carving .


CNC Consulting, File creation & assemblies with toolpathing, tool setup & supply.


Specialized training for CNC Machining & ArtCam software, with in-house, on site or internet training available.






In house Support packages available for Autodesk ArtCam Premium & Standard as well as Delcam legacy versions


We are a stocking Onsrud CNC tool distributor with our own line of Custom 3d CNC tooling under the BDP label



High performance CNC tooling

For more information on training call (316)393-7375


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CNC Training

We offer training classes in Cad/Cam, CNC machining and associated tooling, covering both 2d, 3d and dimensional machining and carving. Training is available as one on one or group class.


Beckwith Decor Products  caters to your full needs with support and training packages for the ArtCam Product line. Covering from ArtCam Pro to the entry level ArtCam Express.




LMT Onsrud

· Dimensional Carving

· CNC Services

BDP ZRN 3d tool set

Beckwith Decor  Products


Full line Onsrud tooling distributor with custom 3d tooling under the BDP label